Open call for new projects in the programme of Plovdiv 2019

This open call provides an opportunity for implementing cultural projects in partnership with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019. The call aims to enrich the programme set out in the bid book of the city as European Capital of Culture, with new ideas and partnerships. The main concept of the programme of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 is ...more

Open call for development of projects from the artistic programme of Plovdiv 2019

With this regulation Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 invites organisations and natural persons to submit detailed projects based on conceptual proposals set out in the bid book of Plovdiv for European Capital of Culture 2019. The regulation aims to establish basic rules and requirements for work with partners on the implementation of the originally planned projects ...more

The first official report of the monitoring of “Plovdiv 2019” has been published

A little more than a month after the official monitoring in Brussels, the jury of the international Commission sent his formal comment and recommendations to “Plovdiv 2019” foundation. The report emphasized on the positive assessment made last year so far, the progress on the flagship program of the European Capital of Culture and the pragmatic ...more

New visual identity of Kapana Creative District

We are happy to introduce to you the new visual identity of KAPANA Creative District. The official website is the digital face of the project of “Plovdiv 2019” and is the place that will summarize, meet and provide information about events and activities within the neighborhood. Here we will publish all initiatives that improve the ...more

The nine selected projects for Kapana – Creative district will be implemented in 2017

The nine selected projects for Kapana – Creative district will be implemented in 2017. After the expiration of the period within which the winners had to confirm their agreement to the Foundation, all participants have confirmed that they agree with the assessments and recommendations of the jury. We will see the transformation of Kapana – ...more
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Brochure Еuropean Capital of Culture

What is a European Capital of Culture? European Capitals of Culture are one of the most recognised  EU projects. They started in 1985 on the initiative of  the then Greek Minister of  Culture Melina Mercouri. The idea is to put cities at the heart of cultural life  across Europe.  Through culture and art,  European Capitals  of …more



Plovdiv is allegedly the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe; and also one of the oldest cities in the World – Plovdiv is contemporary of ancient Troy and Mycenae still standing proudly by the 7 hills;

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Кой е другият град Европейска Столица на Културата през 2019 заедно с Пловдив

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