About us


Foundation Plovdiv 2019 works for bringing change of the perception on culture – as effective tool for environmental improvement and human relationships development.


Plovdiv is proud with its ancient heritage and its statute of one of the oldest European cities. The city identity and the identity of its citizens are marked by deep layers of past. Emigrants from various countries, refugees from wars, entrepreneurs and industrials form this heritage with their contributions to embody Plovdiv as center for crafts and trade and cradle for the first examples of organized cultural life in Bulgarian modern history – schools, libraries, museums, publishing houses, theatres and universities.

The meeting between different cultures, communities and groups was the biggest challenge and the best drive for the city development. Therefore the motto TOGETHER – it helps Plovdiv winning the title European Capital of Culture and is essential for the successful transition to well-known and active European center.

Plovdiv Together is a vision for successful and productive integration of past and present as well as development of awareness and engagement in the society.

Core values

European Capital of Culture offers unique possibility for main European values adoption and implementation and achievement of the following:

Achievement of intercultural and interpersonal borders obliteration and mutual tolerance.

Revival and environmental enrichment for free cohabitation.

Culture development through the means of the technologies and the present time. 

Overcoming of the stereotypes for the others and for the city and acknowledgement of the need for education.

Foundation Plovdiv 2019 is the organization that has prepared the bid of the city for the title European Capital of Culture and that is responsible for the successful project implementation and all supporting activities for popularization of the city and the country. Together with its partners the Foundation foster network development, sustainable initiatives and structures that contribute to raising the interest in terms of economy, tourism and culture and the placement of Plovdiv and its citizens and contemporary Bulgarian culture in the international environment.

#TOGETHER we create the cultural heritage of the future.




Download the bid book here