Mission, Vision, Values

Plovdiv is proud of its ancient heritage and its status as one of the oldest European cities. The identity of the city and its citizens are marked by deep layers of past. The meeting between different cultures, communities and groups has always been the biggest challenge, as well as the best drive for the city development. “Together” is more than a path to more integrated community, it is our vision for making culture more acceptable, so that it can make our lives more meaningful, our city more vibrant and attractive.

#together we

Share the differences

We search for the crossing points between different social groups, in order to rethink the stereotypes about the other and find out how we to take benefit of our differences.

Transform the city

We transform forgotten urban spaces, as well as people’s mindset, in order to make Plovdiv a better place to live in and a more attractive tourist destination.

Create heritage for the future

We turn past into future, also trough new technologies, in order to create a bridge between eras, generations, layers.

Master the art of living

We include slow food, sport, music, the bohemian lifestyle, in order to learn how to live completely and sustainably, to enjoy art and nature to the fullest.


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