The Board of the Directors of Plovdiv 2019

The Board of the Directors of Plovdiv 2019 is the supreme governing body of the Foundation. It comprises of 9 members, designated by the City Council of Plovdiv and elected for a period of 5 years. The Board of the Directors examines and approves basic documents, programs, reports, budgets and expenditures in the Foundation's activities. As a founder of the Foundation, its function is also to ensure and secure the implementation of the decisions of the Municipal Council.

The involvement of the Board in the initiative’s active work process is of crucial importance, since its members, being representatives of the City and the local business and the cultural sector, mediate also the public, financial and institutional support for the work of the Foundation.

According to the structure of the Foundation, there is also a Control Board, with the following members: Mrs Angelina Topchieva, Mr Vesselin Manevski and Mr Emil Rusinov. After being approved by the Board of the Directors, the City Council of Plovdiv, as founder of the Foundation, examines and approves its annual programmes, reports and budgets.

In the Board of Directors of Plovdiv 2019 are:

  • Eng Ivan Totev – Chairman of Board
  • Mr Stefan Stoyanov - Deputy Chairman of Board
  • Mr Alexander Darzhikov
  • Mrs Toni Simidchieva
  • Prof. Dr Stefan Kostianev
  • Mr Anton Baev
  • Mr Hristo Gulev
  • Mr Matey Mateev

Eng. Ivan Totev

Chairman of Board

Stefan Stoyanov

Deputy Chairman of Board

Alexander Darzhikov

Member of the Board

Toni Simidchieva

Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kostianev

Member of the Board

Anton Baev

Member of the Board

Hristo Gulev

Member of the Board

Matey Mateev

Member of the Board



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