Final Event of “School of Spectacles”

Fire sculpture, air dance and video projections were the culminations of “School of Spectacles ” in Plovdiv. 25 artists from Bulgaria and from abroad were gathered for one week by “Plovdiv 2019”, which gave them complete freedom in their artistic solutions for urban interventions in order to recreate the Adata Island –little known for some …more


Plovdiv School of Spectacle

Plovdiv School of Spectacle is a free seven-day intensive outdoor arts training school for Creative Practitioners based in and around Plovdiv, Bulgaria and invited international artists. The school will deliver training designed to build skills that creatives need for making outdoor events and civic celebrations and will be held between 1st October 2017 and 7th October …more


Get to know Plovdiv and love it even more with your bike! Bike Together is a project for bike map of “Plovdiv 2019” foundation, presenting a network of bicycle routes, that lead through the culture, nature and history of the city of Plovdiv. The aim of the project is the promotion of alternative method of …more


Plovdiv 2019/Open Calls, II and III session

Results of the II and III Session of the Expert Committee on the Open Calls of Plovdiv 2019. Thank you for your interest and patience to work together for the development of Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture! There are more opportunities to join the program! Stay tuned> Results of the Second Session of …more