‘pARTnership’ is an educational process for students from both schools in Stolipinovo district - Primary School ‘Naiden Gerov’ and ‘Kiril Nektariev’ School, to be actively involved in the creative environment of Plovdiv. The initiative is implemented with four of the cultural institutions in the city and is part of the project ‘All Together – for Better Education and Health’ under the Programme for Encouraging Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups of a Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme.

In the autumn of 2018 two cultural and educational activities were held with the City Art Gallery Plovdiv and the State Opera Plovdiv, and in 2019 there are going to be two initiatives each month until June 2019.

February 2019

In February the students are engaged in the programs of the National Library ‘Ivan Vazov’ and the Regional Ethnographic Museum. A visit to the children's department of the library is planned, with creative reading, text creation and computer literacy introduction. A detail tour of the expositions will be held at the Ethnographic Museum, accompanied by a workshop devoted to the upcoming spring celebrations.

The visit to the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv was on February 20th. The aim was to familiarize children with the museum's permanent expositions and to visit the "Song of the Tree" exhibition, which displays the folk musical instruments (bagpipe, rebec, tamboura, zurna, etc.). The tour is in the form of a game, including a final practical task to reinforce what has been learned.

On February 26 another group of both schools visited the Children's Department and the American Center of the National Library "Ivan Vazov" - Plovdiv. Students will be introduced to the world of literature as well as interactive learning for technical literacy with the help of the team and a special robot.

March 2019

14 and 25 of March were the visits to the City Art Gallery, with students from the second grade of the two schools on 14.03, and the fourth grade on 25.03. The meeting included a tour of the Old Town - stops to the "Georgi Bozhilov - Slona" Exhibition, Hissar Kapia, the Plovdiv Ethnographic Museum, the Lapidarium. They continued with a visit to the permanent exhibition "Tsanko Lavrenov", which included a detailed overview of the artist and the exhibition halls. The students became acquainted with genres and techniques in art, artistic periods in the work of Tsanko Lavrenov, recognition of natural objects in the mentioned landscapes, recognition of already visited places in the Old Town. The visits ended with a time of inspiration when the group had the opportunity to replicate what they saw and learned on the tour.

On the 18 of March the visit with the group of 4th grade students continued with educational games at the Children's Department of the National Library "Ivan Vazov". The lessons were dedicated to the theme of spring and presented the processes that occur in nature and how they affect the lives of people. The students were divided into groups and guessed what the plants were in spring, what happens to the animals, what are the holidays, and how the symbols of nature are transferred to the everyday life of man. The game ended with a short workshop that formed a blooming tree. At the end of the visit, a short puppet show featured the two reading rooms on the second floor where students had the opportunity to search for favorite works, read aloud, and understand how they could become full members of the department.

The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation and Municipality of Plovdiv are partners in the project "All Together – For Better Education and Health," part of the Programme for Encouraging Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups of a Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme. The project is a long-term one, with activities scheduled for the period 2016-19. "All Together" focuses on the educational and health integration of Roma and other vulnerable groups living in Plovdiv's quarter of Stolipinovo.



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