ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 (20 September – 19 October 2019)

ONE DANCE WEEK is the biggest forum in Bulgaria dedicated solely to contemporary dance – one of the fastest-developing genres in the contemporary art world. By presenting innovative and important cultural content, the festival aims at sustainable development of the current cultural scene in Bulgaria.

ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 (20 September – 19 October 2019)

The 12th edition of the festival will display Europe as an identity source, an open space for ideas and an engine for global cultural developments. 

22 performances, 17 companies, 14 countries.

Summer festival pass is available from 20 August 00:00pm to 30 August, 11:59pm – Link HERE.

KIND (CHILD) – 20 and 21! September

PEEKING TOM, one of the world's most thrilling and recognizable dance troupes, will be returning to Plovdiv to present its latest show, KIND (CHILD), as part of the ONE DANCE WEEK 2019 festival. KIND is the long-awaited dance interpretation of the convoluted children's world by the choreographers Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier. In Plovdiv, the performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 20 September 2019. KIND will be a highlight of ONE DANCE WEEK's special edition, part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019. Tickets online - HERE. Facebook event - HERE. 

MEDIUM (22 September)

Premiere for Bulgaria. Rising Indonesian choreographer Rianto joins the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. Known for his impressive dance vocabulary merging contemporary and traditional techniques from Central Java, he will present his first solo show, MEDIUM, in Plovdiv. Accompanied only by magical vocals and live percussion, Rianto will step onstage to embody a woman, a man, a bird. The show will take place in Boris Hristov House of Culture on the 22nd of September, at 19:00. Rianto is a rising dance star from Indonesia and the island of Java, a land rich in mysteries and identities. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.

UNDER A LOW SKY (27 September)

UNDER A LOW SKY is a succession of unusual, unexpected, familiar or impossible meetings, both a long narrative and a fragmented text. Like puzzle parts, memories try to bring back personal stories and what was Syria. Like puzzle parts, memories try to bring back personal stories and what Syria used to be. Two men – director and author Wael Ali and video maker Jamal – undergo travel in time way back to the colonial archive to catch this same territory at the moment of its evolution towards a state. More information HERE. Tickets online HERE.


Monday School is an inclusive and participatory dance activity taking place in the public spaces of city with free entry at 5pm! This is a production of Les Petites Choses Production (Taiwan.) Combining with gamification techniques, it’s an activity open for everyone to join. While it can be delivered in various forms, the typical kind is the large workshop that allows 100-300 people to connect and communicate with each other in a playful way. More information about the venue coming soon!


The performance by choreographer Kaori Ito and sculptor Hiroshi Ito, her father, will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria on September 28ht in the Chamber Hall of the Drama Theater – Plovdiv. Kaori Ito is looking for answers from her father, a well-established sculptor. Today, art seems to hold them together more strongly than emotions. Within 60 minutes, we will witness a special encounter between two people from one family and two artists from different generations and artistic fields. They will seek to build a bridge through the universal language of the dance. Online tickets HERE.

Carmina Burana (29 September)

Szeged's contemporary ballet creates a magnificent spectacle in the music of one of the most performed classical works and gives him a completely different life.  Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.


FREESTEPS is a ten-years-project initiated by SU Wei-Chia since 2013. The project is aiming to explore the most primitive status of dance and to re-explore the possibilities of dancing. The proposition in FreeSteps, is how choreography can be simply and persistently about the body, especially in today’s world. The practice of Wei-Chia, is to peel off various layers of body characteristics and textures within set limitations – very often not repeating previous FreeSteps. FB event HERE. Online tickets HERE.

KOKORO (3 October)

LUNA CENERE (ITALY) with KOKORO reveals nudity strips down expectations, functions, meanings of the body. The body converts into a projection screen of moods, memories, and illusions. Italian choreographer Luna Cenere reveals the ‘inner self’, or “kokoro” as Japanese people say. The expression embraces two words, which are ‘mind’ and ‘heart’. Cenere got inspired by the book “The Invisible Actor” by Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall. More information HERE. Online tickets HERE.


A solo dance for unconventional spaces, FreeSteps–NiNi refers to neither goals, concepts and allusions, nor detailed arrangement. The performer gets dance free of fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions. All of the elements around, including the temperature, lighting and landscape at that time as well as the spectators become materials for the creation. It is simply a struggle between dancing steps and physical bodies. On 4 October at Boris Hristov House of Culture Lobby at 9pm with free entry! FB event HERE.

SOMA (Matrin Talaga) (4 October)

Czech choreographer Matrin Talaga will present SOMA on the 4th of October at the Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv. In this performance the main protagonist is the human body in all of its beauty and ugliness, possibilities and limitations. What the human body is capable of expressing and what are its limitations? Facebook event - HERE. Tickets online HERE.

Chapter 3 (L-E-V) (5 and 6! October)

L-E-V Company will be in Plovdiv in the official programme of ONE DANCE WEEK. The event in FB here. Online tickets here. L-E-V's newest performance, CHAPTER 3, will be presented on October 5th and 6th at the “Boris Hristov” House of Culture- Plovdiv, a few days after its world premiere in August – September. The New York Times writes that choreographer Sharon Eyal’s work has “hearts wide open”. 

COSMIC LOVE (11 October)

Clara Furey has developed an abstract work around the representations of physical phenomena. Through minimalist settings and projectors unveiling the unique radiance of the living bodies, the stage turns into cosmic space. By questioning the idea that space is a vacuum, performers reflect on the idea of energy as a shared resource. As ice becomes water, then steam, the performers experienced a continuous transformative process, united by a gluey love. Like an ocean of questions both challenging and light, a rigorous and tender machine, a core of indestructible energy. Like recognizing outlines in the sky, one constellation at a time, COSMIC LOVE revealed itself to be a piece about empathy and listening to one another. The performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 11 October 2019, at 19:30. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE

GOLDEN DELUSIONS (11, 12 October)

This is an installation-performance, where four artists interweave sound, light and movement in a total unity, thus creating an imaginary world inspired by color and symbolism. Hans Peter Kuhn’s light and sound installation provides the base for a dialogue between the choreography / dance of Akemi Nagao and Junko Wada joined by the sound composition and performance by the violinist Biliana Voutchkova. At SKLAD at 16 Ekzarh Yosif Str. on 4th Floor left. On 11 October at 9pm, on 12 October at 6.30pm. Tickets online HERE.

BYGONES (12 October)

Everything is in limbo. Everyone is tempted and attempting. The in-between is painful, awkward, hilarious but necessary; a tribute to the willingness, the effort and all the stuff that happens before resolution. Dancers oscillate on the brink of becoming, in flux with what has come before…a dance that earns transformation and unleashes new spirit with the ability to rebuild. The movement is rigorous, hyper detailed and virtuosic; a physical lawlessness that teases materiality, overthrows logic and acts as an ode to unseen forces and internal desire. Ghostly architecture, puppeteering and theatrical illusions create a world of pseudo things and supernatural selves existing in the margins of form and formlessness. In the end, Bygones celebrates how we are shaped by what we overcome, and how something challenging can lead to something beautiful. The performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 12 October 2019, at 20:00. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.

A Simple Space (18 and 19! October)

A contemporary circus piece is coming from Australia to premiere on the Bulgarian stage as part of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. A SIMPLE SPACE by Gravity & Other Myths is an extreme demonstration of strength and skills by \ acrobats that will fly over your heads. Hang on because it's all for real. There’s no safety net or ropes. There is no technical assistance. The performance will take place at the Boris Hristov House of Culture on 18 and 19! September 2019, at 20:00. Facebook event HERE. Tickets online HERE.


A Polish dancer with jewish origins, Nireńska leaves the country and after a lot of difficulties, settles down in the USA. There she becomes one of the leading figures in the modern dance, but she couldn’t not manage to let go of the memories of the genocide and in the end, she kills herself. Parting from her story, Siniarska and Grzywnowicz develop a very personal performance against this background as representatives of a younger generation. At SKLAD at 16 Ekzarh Yosif Str., 4th floor, 5pm. Tickets online HERE.


Aurora Lubos reaches out to the Western people for comparison that many have refused. In Poland, her home country, the refugees topic has led to quarrels and slammed doors. What would a satiated, self-satisfied European person feel towards the outsiders, strangers, fighters for survival? Are they welcome? The choreographer takes this question to the Polish society and in a wider European context. Her powerful solo is a plea for humanity and a protest against ignorance. It is a call to the one who lives in safety but is reluctant to take in others— those who escape war, conflict, oppression, death, hunger. The performance will take place on 19 October at Boris Hristov House of Culture at 8pm. Tickets online HERE.

Find more information about ONE DANCE WEEK at -,, and ONE DANCE WEEK is a project by the ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts.



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