Official Opening of FLUCA Season 2019 (16 May, Exhibition by Olivier Hölzl)

Curators of the programme for 2019 will be the Austrian curator Ursula Maria Probst and the Bulgarian curator, based in Vienna and Berlin – Boris Kostadinov.

FLUCA will present projects in the field of contemporary visual arts, multimedia, experimental cinema, performance, architecture, design and music. Artists and teams from Bulgaria, Austria, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and others are invited to participate.

A separate part of the FLUCA programme will be the residency programme, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Styria Department of Culture. In September, Anais Horn (photographer from Graz) arrives in Plovdiv for a month to work on the spot and create a special series of photographs inspired by the European Capital of Culture.

The Austrian artist Bernhard Wolf will have his own show at the close of FLUCA 2019. Wolf, who is based in Graz and has a pronounced interest in the countries of Eastern Europe, works entirely in public spaces, using empty walls of public buildings, on which he writes texts that relate to the local cultural context. After exploring Plovdiv's cultural, social and economic conditions, the artist will present a work dedicated to the city.

Programme in May 2019:

Season 2019 of FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion will be officially opened on the 16th of May, whereas the silver box will keep the spring mood up with warm up events since the beginnig of the month. Looking forward to the following events on FLUCA stage in May:

03.05 - Sayulke b2b Mironov - warm up Party for FLUCA season 2019

09.05 - Presentation of the new book of Nikolay Terziyski, published by Janet 45

16.05 - Exhibition by Olivier Hölzl - official opening of FLUCA season 2019 at 6.30 pm

17.05 - Olivier Hölzl – the artist selects and plays music for the audience of FLUCA

24.05 - Presentation of ‘Plovdiv Fantasy Guide‘ – comic guide to Plovdiv, part of the official programme of Plovdiv 2019 (Facebook event here.)

29.05 - Presentation of Bulgarian pavilion at 2019 Venice Biennale by Vera Mlechevska – curator of the pavilion

After the official opening on the 16th of May FLUCA will be open with its current exhibition within the following opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday / 16:00 - 20:00

Link to the Facebook event HERE.

‘FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion’ is a project of the Open Arts Foundation and the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Bulgaria.



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