Sharing stories and home-made pasta with Florian Duyar (20 June 2019)

On June 20, at 18:30, the Italian cuisine lovers will have the opportunity to prepare fresh pasta and summer-flavored sauces.

"The secret is in the ingredients and the mixing of the flour," says Florian Duyar from La Pasta who will introduce us step by step to the magic of the most popular Italian dish.

In addition to enjoying the specialty prepared by you, you will hear the incredible story of a civil engineer's journey to the world of quality cuisine in Bulgaria.

To make the experience more enjoyable we will add one of the best Bulgarian wines and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the "Theater of Crumbs" - the method of the Bread Houses Network.

Participation fee: 10 lv
Payment by bank transfer or on site. The seats are limited! For subscription and additional information contact: 0884 048 093 or at

The event will be held on 20 June at 6.30pm at the Chocolate factory Gaillot, Proslav quarter, 1A Prosveta Str., Plovdiv.

Facebook event here.

The event is organized by the Bread Houses Network and Multi kulti collective within the project "DIVERSE TOGETHER - Sharing of Breads and Stories". In the period April - July 2019 a total of 9 similar events are planned in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

For more information-

The Bread Houses Network is a programme of the International Council of Cultural Centers, which has been bringing together people of all ages, social statuses and cultures since 2009 through community bread kneading events. The main method of the Bread Houses Network is "Theater of Crumbs", which includes various unifying and creative activities united around the collective bread making.

Multi kulti collective is an association which since 2011 supports the integration of Bulgarians and foreigners through art, culinary and social projects. The organization is working both on terrain and at policy level. It also develops its own social entrepreneurship. MKK is based in Sofia, but in 2015 it has grown as a social franchise in the six largest Bulgarian cities.
Thirty participants will be invited to each event and everybody will have the opportunity to create their own culinary masterpiece under the guidance of the chef, as well as actively participate in the discovery of the stories of leading and other cultures. One third of the participants will be disadvantaged people for whom the entrance will be free.



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