RAPTURE AND RAGE. Studies on the Authoritarian Character

When: 30 November 2019
Where: Drama Theatre Plovdiv
Two performances. Start at 5 pm and 8 pm.
Duration: 84 min.
Paid entrance. Tickets with fare 15 BGN on the spot or online from dtp.bg. and epay.go. Ticket for groups 5 and more people – 10 BGN. Discount for students – 6 BGN.

The media and performance collective LIGNA and Bulgarian artists Stephan A. Shtereff and Emilian Gatsov explore where the attraction of fundamentalism and radical communitarisation comes from.

In “Rapture and Rage”, they address historical constellations, theories and analyses and visualize current developments, by allowing the audience themselves to become central protagonists of the event.

By and with LIGNA, Germany (Ole Frahm, Michael Hueners, Torsten Michaelsen – production, text, director), Stephan A. Shtereff (concept, director, production) and Emilian Gatsov (music). Translation: Gergana Dimitrova.

Voice actors: Vladimir Penev, Lina Zlateva, Kostadin Chanev, Nathan Cooper, Piotr Krzeminski.

The project is a production of INFORMBUREAU-Sofia Association.



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