School of Magic Words – Creative Writing Resources

This project will design education materials to inspire teachers and trainers to use interactive reading and writing activities with students of 1 – 4 grades and 5 - 7 grades to promote knowledge and transferable skills including critical thinking, creativity, and emotional literacy.  The materials will be based on experiences and tools from the UK, which will be further developed and adapted by experts together with open working group of teachers, trainers and stakeholders from Plovdiv. The pack and the couple of workshops to present its implementation will provide motivation and materials to those who work with young learners.

The project builds upon the success and further develops on the project „School of Magic Words“, delivered in 2019 within the programme of Plovdiv 2019. Within the framework of a broader aim to encourage and boost children’s and students’ creative writing and reading, the project will offer valuable resource to community of teachers, trainers, librarians and experts in Plovdiv in their work with young people.

A project of the British Council Bulgaria, part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv 2019.



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