One of the emblematic and very Plovdivian projects, which started with the main programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 and had its continuation in 2020, now comes with more of the wonderful illustrations, crazy texts, and the necessary dose of humour, self-irony, and love for the city.

Plovdiv Fantasy is a comic-book project related to the creation of a series of book-editions, visualizing historical, contemporary, and imaginary facts and situations from the life of Plovdiv. At the same time, this edition is a guide that guides every tourist on how to most fully feel and immerse in what is known as the Plovdiv way of life. After the successful publication of the two books Plovdiv Fantasy Guide and Plovdiv Fantasy History here comes the periodic comic magazine.

Maina Town is a trimester comic magazine that is distributed in Plovdiv for free and tells readers about life in the city on the hills.

The project envisages up to four issues, each of which will include stories and interviews or short stories about events and personalities from Plovdiv, shaping them through the eyes of the typical Maina-Town sense of the world.

The magazine is based on graphic novels (comics) for Plovdiv. This continues the team's aim to break down all the geopolitical and historical barriers and clichés we inevitably face when we first arrive at a new location. The team includes comics artists, scriptwriters, and historians.

The project uses the international language of common passions, entertainment, and humour to invite guests of Plovdiv to really feel at home and see and appreciate the city through the eyes of some of its local artists.

Locations where you can find the Magazine 

Maina Town Centre:

Maina Town Small Paris:

Maina Town East side:

Maina Town West side

Maina Town Karshiaka:

 A project of Studio 5 for 4 part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv 2019

The Second Issue of the Comic Magazine Maina Town is now available

Maina town N3 is ready



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