Festival of Dreams  - is a one-day open-air balloon festival for young and old, for "children" of all ages, nationalities, gender, and faith, in which all individual components are meaningfully and operationally connected and organized around a common theme DREAMS WHICH WE CARRY IN OUR SOUL AND WHICH SHAPE US AS PEOPLE.

Colorful, colorful, diverse - like the people who create them.

The event has an original, not very popular for Bulgaria interactive community art format, close to what is known as celebratory art. It combines in organic unity different practices from the field of contemporary visual and performing arts: installation and sculpture (from balloons), creative studios, walkabout animation, immersive theater, procession, dance happening, puppet-theater performance, carnival. The meaning of this original, breaking the routine rhythm of everyday art intervention is to create in the city an extraordinary public holiday space and an intense joint positive emotional experience based on art.


With the help of attractive decoration of balloons and a pleasant musical environment and walkabout animation offered by strange fantastic characters (some of them on stilts) Stefan Stambolov Square will become a kind of oasis among the "wheel of everyday life" and urban noise - a magical poetic space of joy, harmony, beauty, and creativity: PAVILION OF DREAMS.

On the day of the festival, the 7th of August, 2022, every citizen of Plovdiv and guest of the city will be able to stop in it, to relax, staying as long as one wants. There one is able to indulge in the Aylak mood, forgetting about the tasks of everyday life, to look inside oneself, to dream, and to share the innermost dream undisturbed by anyone. To visualize it and express it in a chosen form: through text, drawing, sketch, origami figure… and to release it in a special DREAM BOX.

The guests of the pavilion will learn how to make beautiful colorful accessories from balloons - a hat, bracelet, tiara, flowers, etc., with which to "dress up" for the holiday moment. Those interested will learn the movements of the 'dance of the dreamers' and will prepare for its joint performance at the end of the day.

The festival will end with a THEATER PERFORMANCE, in the center of which will be dreams.

The project is an idea of FIRE theatre-art-culture Foundation, as a legacy of the Ayliak Parade, the long-term project during 2017 - 2019, and is part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv 2019. 



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