1 - 15th October 2021 in Labyrinth Gallery in Plovdiv the project Out of Time presents the works of the open ceramics studio and the construction of an outdoor red-hot kiln.

The "Raku" technique briefly begins with removing the hot clay objects from the klin. They are placed in metal containers and covered with organic flammable materials - wood bran, paper, straw, dry leaves. When ignited, they are closed with a lid, oxygen-free combustion occurs. The ceramic surface cracks from the thermal shock, characteristic metallic reflections are formed according to the used glazes and metal oxides.

"Raku" literally means - joy, pleasure, satisfaction, which also means the best in the world. In essence, "Raku" is a type of Japanese pottery from the 16th century, traditionally used in tea ceremonies.

The open workshop includes 10 to 12 participants - ceramic artists and artists from other fields of art - sculptor, painting.

THE PLACE is the studio of the artist, where ideas, dreams, creative aspirations are intertwined and SHARED, new techniques are practised.

Out of time, the goal is to put the participants in an exciting environment - an open studio, where artists can get acquainted with the ceramic technique "Raku", and some of them for the first time touch the clay, experiment and share experience in decorative firing.

The project envisages the construction of a Raku kiln from special bricks and cotton wool. The baking resembles that of a gas burner, up to a temperature of about 900 degrees Celsius. The process requires working outdoors.

The studio provides clay, coloured ceramic glazes and oxides. Each participant makes their own ceramic objects from the provided materials, which after that and selection are presented in a joint exhibition from 1.10 to 15.10.2021 in the Labyrinth Gallery, Plovdiv.

Mutual excitement and love for clay is the unifying unit of artists from different fields of art around the idea of ​​the project. And just as only ceramics are able to unite in one all pictorial means - plasticity, three-dimensionality, relief, graphics, contrast, painting, colour and even sound. The completed works will undoubtedly be loaded with emotion and strongly experienced by the authors, who literally went through the fire, which is the specifics of working with ceramics.

The participants in the project have the exceptional opportunity for meeting and collaboration between professionally engaged artists, who through this unique professional challenge will collectively get to know a new and alternative method.

The main goal of the project is to acquaint the general public with the art of ceramics and especially the high artistic value. Ceramics as a child of earth, air, water and fire always reminds us of something ancient, priceless heritage, timeless - of something beyond time.

Sofia Georgieva Hristozova-Yordanova's project is part of the Legacy of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture programme.

OUT OF TIME is now!

Ceramics exhibition presenting the Raku technique starts on 1st October



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