MASISTERS. Healthy Mind Healthy Body

A project for a performative exhibition with video projections of the group Women on the Edge - Albena Mihaylova, Monika Romenska, Nadia Genova, Veneta Marinova - who ask questions and look for visual answers. The title of the project unites, but also opposes the concepts of Body and Mind through the repetition of the word Healthy. Where is the home of our Mind, and can it be placed in isolation from external factors? The «Women of the Edge» remain in a creative, working phase, despite the global stupor.

In the exhibition «MASISTERS. Healthy Mind Healthy Body» they analyze their existence, reflect the social environment and the global situation. Healthy mind, healthy body is the motto of their work process.

 The project comprises of:

- an Exhibition with video projections, performance, and installation available from 29 October till 8th November 2021 at ROMFEA Gallery.Official opening 29 October 2021 - 18 h

- An online performance within the exhibition, with video projections and installation - 5th November 2021 - 18 h

The Project is an idea of AM Contemporary and is part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

MASISTERS. Healthy Mind Healthy Body - exhibition and performance on 29th October 2021

from 29 October till 8th November 2021 at ROMFEA Gallery



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