Maina Town N3 issue is already in Plovdiv.

The third issue of the comic book edition Mainа Town is coming out - more urban stories and legends - just before the Christmas holidays. Colourful, positive and true to the style, the team of 5 for 4 Ltd., prepared a series of engaging time travel, space battles and meetings.

The magazine is free to take and in N3 there are more of the Maina Vibes - dedicated to urban music culture, 'The Faces of Maina Town' this time focuses on the vlogger Slavi Panayotov, or better known as Slavi from The Clashers. The comic edition is a non-standard guide to the Plovdiv way of life, for the moment available only in Bulgarian language.

The premiere of the new issue will be on December 21 at the Fargo Club from 20:00, please heave in mind the COVID restrictions for indoor events.

Maina Town Magazine can be found in more and more locations in the city - the list is updated and growing constantly

Maina Town Magazine is part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv 2019.



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