The project aims to revive the interest in the traditions and customs of different ethnic groups in Plovdiv. Together in diversity, this is the traditional centuries-old model of coexistence of the ethnic groups in Plovdiv: Jewish, Armenian, Roma, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Bulgarian communities.

The project involves mostly children and young people. The concept is based on the opportunity to stimulate knowledge and interest in cultural traditions through the possibilities of digital technologies and authentic performing practices. The main goal is to create sustainable channels for interpersonal and organizational communication, exchange of information, and influence on different audiences to multiply the tolerant model of intercultural synergy between different ethnic groups. Specific objectives are to strengthen cooperation between educational and cultural organizations working with children, to connect cultural heritage with modernity, to attract more children of different ethnicities in libraries and to encourage reading and creative participation, to expand stage performances.

The target audience of the project is children and students who will transfer the knowledge and skills of adults to the future. Therefore, the project plans to organize studies on urban festive and ritual practices of the different communities, educational events, and concerts for children and adults of different ethnic groups, reconstructions of typical ethnic customs, dances and crafts, dramatizations of literary works.

  • Bango Vasilii - The Roma New Year - an event organized with the youngsters from the 'P. Slaveikov' School, Stolipinovo - 20.01.2022 at the 'Ivan Vazov National Library'
  • The History of Purim - a Jewish holiday - 30.03.2022 at the 'Ivan Vazov National Library'
  • The Russian custom "Welcoming the newlyweds after the wedding" - 27.04.2022 from 4:00 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the 'Ivan Vazov National Library'
  • The Turkish custom "Kana" - 11.07.2022 at 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the 'Ivan Vazov National Library'
  • Presentation of the "Enyovden" holiday - 14.07.2022, Thursday, from 6:00 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the RNB "Ivan Vazov" Plovdiv
  • Presentation of the event "Italy - Bulgaria: A bridge between two cultures" - 27.09.2022 in the Italian Reading Room "Asen Marchevsky" at the Chitalishte (National Community Center) "Aleko Konstantinov - 1954."

As a result of the project, a printed edition is planned, in which the traditions and books presented by the ethnic groups, included in the project, will be described. It is planned to develop and implement a strategy for attracting more audiences in libraries and community centers in connection with the project activities in order to create sustainability.

The project builds on the achievements of the previous project of the Pen & Quill NGO - Literary Renaissance in Plovdiv. Art and literature are unifying components of cooperation between different peoples and ethnic groups, despite linguistic and religious differences. Therefore, the continuation of the project with an emphasis on the ethnic-cultural and literary heritage of Plovdiv and children provides long-term sustainability over time.

Project of Pen & Quill NGO, which unites librarians-enthusiasts, part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture. Detailed information about all events and news on the project - on the social pages of the event - and



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