Magic is a subtle thread between the real world and The Great Beyond. It is a mystery... The magical is not only an inexplicable illusion, it is a way of life in Bulgarian culture and folk psychology. The threads of good are always twined with those of evil.

The exhibition of REM - Plovdiv "Threads I weave and threads I twine, joy and sorrow intertwine…(The magic and the magical in the Bulgarian folk culture)" weaves and intertwines happiness and sadness wishing joy, luck, prosperity, and health. Our magical path of knowledge about the beliefs of our ancestors is colorful and is like an amulet that protects against all evil. Superstitions about the different types of magic are lovely - how to bring down the moon, turn a person into an animal, defend ourselves from zmei (dragon), or make a loved one fall in love with us... The magic of the Bulgarian people is in the strength of their spirit, which has overcome centuries of trials.

On March 15, 2023, at 6:00 p.m., we invite you to the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv at the opening of our exhibition "Threads I weave and threads I twine, joy and sorrow intertwine…", to become part of this magical experience. We have prepared a special surprise for you that will test your senses in a unique way. Let's put it this way – you will experience the magic of music.



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