Youth Social Zone - Workshop and Seminars 2018

The "Youth Social Zone" project, by the National Alliance for Work with Volunteers Foundation, is taking place between January 2018 and September 2019.

The project is seeking young people in Plovdiv who have exciting ideas in the field of social entrepreneurship that can be of use to the local community, vulnerable groups and minorities.

A group of pre-selected 15 young people will take part in "Starters", a training programme that will be taking place in the course of a 12-month period. Assisted by experts, each participant will be developing his or her own social project, and will receive partial funding for the financing of their ideas in 2019.

2018: Event schedule

  • Basic Steps for Realisation of a Social Project (22-24 June 2018). Training of the Starters participants. For three days, 15 young entrepreneurs from Plovdiv developed their model for launching a significant change in the city. The National Alliance for Work with Volunteers Foundation team has gone through the main steps - identification of problems and their causes, product and solution creation, target groups, key partners, information channels, budgeting, key activities, etc.
  • Inspired for Change. Meetups in September, October and November 2018. Free entrance. With lecturers from:

Bigent, Germany. Subject: A social impact laboratory.

Industry Watch. Subject: The power of entrepreneurship.

Arete. Subject: Ideas in the Roma community.

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