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Social Change Challenge 2018

"Social Innovations Incubator: Threads of Connection in Times of Radicalization" creates a network which connects the potential  of young people with the necessities of people and locations that have fallen short of access to culture, education and economic resources.

The "Social Change Challenge" is part of the project. Its partner in Plovdiv is the “Plovdiv Artists“ Association.

Programme 2018

11-15 May 2018. A five-day play format of the "Social Change Challenge" will take place, that will be seeking people with good ideas for resolving social problems. 

The participants (advance registration is required) will:

  • Receive support in their fieldwork and research.
  • Develop the skills of how to observe the environment and its needs, conduct interviews, and develop a business plan.
  • Be given a handbook with multi-discipline instruments and methods for social change.
  • Be invited to participate, assisted by experts, in the Incubator for Social Innovations.
  • Be invited to participate in a public event presenting the concept.
  • Be invited to participate in a one-day training in design thinking.
  • Be invited to participate in a fund-raising pool that will help realise the idea/concept.

Presentation of the participants’ ideas will take place in Plovdiv, at SKLAD (Tobacco City, 16 Ekzarh Yosif Str) on 15 May 2018 at 6 pm.

The project is of the Ideas Factory Association.

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Social Change Challenge 2018 – the idea of HOPE for helping educationally disadvantaged children



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