Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" - Gala Concert 23 July 2018

Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" provides an opportunity for practical training, tuition and improvement of young professional musicians, together with prominent representatives of various music education schools.

The project will take place in two stages - Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" 2018 and European Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" 2019. The young musicians in the orchestra have been preparing for a whole year before the big event. They participate in open rehearsals, lectures by prominent pedagogues, master classes and pre-premiere concerts.

Gala Concert on 23 July 2018 at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv

In 2018 the Balkan Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" will comprise talented young Bulgarian musicians and their peers from the countries in the Balkan region. The participants will present a gala concert on 23 July 2018 at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv, at 19.00. Lyubomir Denev Jr. will conduct; soloist will be Theodosii Spassov.

The concert will be preceded by a two-day open rehearsal on 21 and 22 July in the Large Hall of the Dobrin Petkov National Music and Theatre School, where the talent and work of all the musicians can be experienced by everyone. Teodosii Spasov has given special permission for the performance of his works "Balkan Song" and "Gypsy Dance" by the young musicians.

Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" is a project of the MusicArtissimo Foundation for Culture and Art.

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