Electric Orpheus 2018

“Electric Orpheus” is a project of the “Common Future” Association and will be merging music and contemporary dance. The format presents Bulgarian and international artists through the combination of various styles and genres – from rock’n’roll, space jazz and psychedelic up to electro, DJ sets and performances.

The urban events of “Electric Orpheus” will be taking place in various quarters and will be focusing on the development of non-typical, interesting culture locales. The summertime events will be staged in the Villa Justina vineyard-park – at the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains and amid a blend of hills, grapevine-covered massifs and artists from around the world.

23-24 June 2018, Villa Yustina vineyard-park

“Electric Orpheus” is presenting its 2018 summer event at the Villa Yustina vineyard-park at the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains. There will be five live performances, which will feature rock, funk, psychedelic and electronic sound. Calibro 35 will arrive from Milan, and among the other participants will be Seine (Croatia), Neopit Pilski, Subact, and Fumus & Nebula (Germany), Visitor Yan Q (Bulgaria).

An Underground Vinyl Market will be held for the lovers of quality vinyl records, as well as Merch Spot, with hot albums, T-shirts and performers-themed collector’s items.

Tickets: 30 leva until 1 June; 35 leva until 23 June; 50 on-site. Children and people under 18 may enter free if accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. For tickets, go to EPAYGO (www.epay.bg) and to Epay offices across the country.

For details, go to www.facebook.com/events and electricorpheus.com.

20 October 2018, Trakia District

The “Electric Orpheus” autumn edition will take place in the Trakia quarter with the exclusive participation of MC Gaff E – artist and musician from Berlin, and the Bulgarians from Kopriva.

Follow details on electricorpheus.com.



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