Social Innovations Incubator - Art Innovation Challenge (16-22 July 2018)

"Social Innovations Incubator: Threads of Connection in Times of Radicalization" is a project of the Ideas Factory Association. It creates a network which connects the potential of young people with the necessities of people and locations that have fallen short of access to culture, education and economic resources.

The Incubator sets the ball of change rolling by involving hundreds of volunteers who stimulate the realization of actual solutions to actual social problems. They work in the field using design-thinking, creativity and the art they have mastered - and then, in the long term, they develop their own social change ideas.


Art Innovation Challenge

The project consists of a one-month artistic residence, and the Social Change Challenge and Art Innovation Challenge formats, which aim to provoke artistic and socially engaged people from multiple disciplines to work with communities as a way to answer actual social problems.


The Art Innovation Challenge is seeking proposals for 3 interactive artworks in Plovdiv for the period 12 June – 3 July. The event will be taking place between 11 and 22 July 2018.

What’s it about

The challenge will focus on the quarter of Stolipinovo and will be exploring how the people of Plovdiv can put Stolipinovo on their own personal empathy map. How can we think - and act - with regard to the problems plaguing the quarter through the lens of “we”, not through the prism of “we – they”.


The art interferences will take place in either Plovdiv’s central areas or remote quarters. It is important that they reflect and/or provoke thinking of Stolipinovo as part of the identity of Plovdiv.


Ideas Factory will provide financial and communications support to the three artworks, which are interactive, thought-out and delve into the challenge in a way that’s both new and thoughtful.


There are no restrictions as to age or educational level. The prime condition is that the proposals tackle a social problem and engage the local community by rethinking the problem through performance, exhibition, installation, game or some other art project. What matters is stirring empathy and attracting public attention to the problems of Stolipinovo.

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Art Innovation Challenge - Results

The results of the art challenge launched by the Ideas Factory Association, which supports art forms with a social focus, can be seen and experienced at two locations in Plovdiv between 22 July to 28 July.

Three works by three artists were given support; two of them have been realized.

The interferences include an event, an exhibition and an installation. Join the meetings for more information:

  • 22 July (7 pm), the OTSRESHTA cafe (12 Beethoven Str)


Hanna Rose is a volunteer from the Mobile School Stolipinovo initiative. On numerous occasions she has had the opportunity to communicate with local children and learn from them. Her chief inspiration and method of linking with the children, despite the language barrier, has always been games involving the clapping of hands.
"The Clapping Game" has been inspiration for one further project from the Plovdiv 2019 programme – learn more about Medea and the game #clipclapmedea.

  • 22 to 28 July, Route 36 busses

This is a touring exhibition of the Hanna Rose-designed clapping-of-hands games that Stolipinovo children got in touch with. The exhibition will be featured on the busses of Route 36 throughout the week.

  • 22 to 28 July, the Kapana quarter

The Wall installation

Gergana Popova and Maria Badeva use walls as a means of stereotype-free connections -- a stimulus for looking into the positive in the other, overcoming the danger of a single point of view.
Their temporary installation "The Wall" and the stories of local people behind it can be seen and lived through at the square outlined by the Hristo Dyukmedzhiev and Georgi Benkovski streets in the Kapana quarter. Start: 22 July.

The installation is also occasion for the launch of a blog that will continue the dialogue.

For details about the project and related events, visit

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