Together in the Circle of Paneurhythmy - Trainings in Paneurhythmy for Beginners (Schedule 2019)

"Together in the Circle of Paneurythmy - Harmony Between Body, Mind and Spirit” is a project which seeks the point of interaction between art and physical activity in paneurythmics, the Bulgarian system which combines movement, music, singing and meditation.
The project includes educational, movement and art initiatives (trainings and music workshops) for children, adolescents and adults.

Trainings in Paneurhythmy for Beginners (10 October 2018 - 20 March 2019)

The course starts on 10 October 2018 and ends on 20 March 2019.The classes will take place on Wednesdays (7:30 am and 19.00) at the Ananda Yoga Studio hall (16 Leonardo da Vinci Str), in Plovdiv. Svetla Baltova, a doctor and holistic therapist, will be the host. She graduated in medicine in Plovdiv, and has worked as a cardiology and rheumatology specialist. In recent years, she has been practicing holistic medicine, including alternative medicine, Dr Bach flower essences therapy, astropsychology. She teaches paneurhythmy in Bulgaria and around the world as a healing practice that affects the overall state of a person: emotional, mental and physical.


  • January - 9,16,23,30
  • February - 6,13,20,27
  • March - 6,13,20

Each training lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and takes place indoors. Participants get to know the text, music and movements of each paneurythmic exercise. Paneurythmics consists of three parts, the first being the longest with 28 exercises. Each session covers the three components of paneurythmic exercises: music, poetic text and movements.

The schedule of the paneurhythmy training course for beginners in 2018 can be found here

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"Together in the Circle of Paneurythmy- Harmony Between Body, Mind and Spirit” is a project by Vidya Proekt Association.

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