Adata AiR Resident Programme - Meetings with the Artists # 8

ADATA AiR is an artist-in-residence programme in the city of Plovdiv. The residency aims to give a space for a creative exchange that fosters intercultural dialogue and interaction. The platform is open to artists, architects, designers, etc., from Europe to join the special pre-capital-of-culture stage. During their stay, the residents will have the opportunity to develop new projects and interact with local communities and the complex cultural realities of the city.

The artists are visiting Plovdiv in 2018 to work on their own artistic projects related to topics concerning nature and architectural cultural heritage in Plovdiv.

24th August 2018, a meeting #8 with resident artists in the context of Adata AiR programme was held. The artists Bert Jacobs and Ari-Pekka Leinonen presented Eldorado - a multidisciplinary performance about two characters in the search of the lost Bulgarian gold. The video screening ELDORADO, what can be considered as a psychedelic-western-space movie, is a story, based on local myths, facts and imagination.

By combining their mixed artistic backgrounds of sculpture and sound Jacobs and Leinonen have started a collaboration that seeks openly new possibilities for their respective practices. In this process they follow Herman Hesse’s idea of ‘being a human is being an experiment, a traveler. You can only experience the truth, you cannot learn it.’
Jacobs and Leinonen explore success and failure to understand the flexibility that is required to stay vital in fragmented reality.

Brussels-based artist Bert Jacobs (1987) works with sculpture and storytelling. Via a spatial approach Bert Jacobs examines various layers of perception. He holds a MA degree in Fine Arts (2010) from KASK School of Arts, Gent. More about the artist at

Helsinki-based artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen (1988) works with audiovisual media to explore the sense of hearing and the art of listening. He holds a MA degree in Sound in New Media (2015) from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Details at

ADATA AiR is realized by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bulgarien and the Polish Institute in Sofia (Instytut Polski w Sofii).

Details at ADATA AiR's facebook page.



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