Narcissus and Echo

"Narcissus and Echo" is the closing performance show of the project "A Work of Art - Antique Culture" by the grantees and mentors in the first edition of the Striving for the Stars National Grant. The grant, instituted by the Kulturni Perspektivi Foundation and the metallurgical and engineering holding company KCM 2000 Group, was inspired by an idea of the Bulgarian opera singer Ina Kancheva and supports young Bulgarian talents. The show is the high point of the competition, in which grantees in five arts – visual arts, literature, music, dance, theatre/performance – going through the stages of the grant, will present themselves and their way of treating a common theme, at the same time making their first steps as free artists.

A series of separate but interconnected works will be shown at various locations across Plovdiv on 1 November 2019. The shows will then merge into the final performance: "Narcissus and Echo". The theme harks back to a motif in ancient culture that treats universal ideals and values connected with history, traditions and contemporary life, and was transposed into the spirit of time and presenting a contemporary form of our cultural and historical heritage.

The grant provides financial support for growth and development, and the realization of a personal project. It includes also mentoring advice from five of Bulgaria's foremost artists in each area: Nedko Solakov, Georgi Gospodinov, Krassimira Stoyanova, Galina Borisova and Yavor Gardev.

The first grantees are Radoslav "Rudi" Ninov (visual arts), Alexander Gabrovski and Yoanna Elmi (literature), Stefani Krasteva (music), Stefani Handzhiiska (dance), Emona Ilieva, Konstantsa Getsova, Nadia Keranova (theatre/performance).

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"The ancient myth about the impossible meeting between Narcissus, transfixed by his own image, and Echo, entranced by her own voice, exhibits the symptoms of one of modern time's most debilitating social diseases: alienation. It visits us inevitably when we put ourselves in the centre of our own world. Each time we are in the seductive thrall of our own vibrations, the road to the other inexorably closes and we find ourselves trapped in our own reflection. We see it while we're staring into the screen of our mobile devices, we swim in its irresistibility when looking in the eyes of the supposed others while other, real-life others are fading away, melting into the haze of the ever-diminishing reality. And later when, try as we might, we strive to call them back, what we hear is nothing but our own voice. We look into ourselves and hear nothing but our own voices, we open the gates of a bottomless, inconsolable loneliness."
— Yavor Gardev

"A Work of Art – Antique Culture" is made possible by the Kulturni Perspektivi Foundation.



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