Love Swing Dance Festival (5 October 2019 - Day 3 

The Love Swing Dance Festival is an international fete for swing dancing and culture. It has two editions in Plovdiv - in the autumn of 2018 and in 2019. Part of the project is also the short film 'I Charleston Plovdiv', which reveals Plovdiv's beauty and unique spirit and is accompanied by the happy rhythms and dances of Bulgarian Lind Hoppers.

The festival's second edition will take place from 3rd till 6th October 2019.

In its four-day programme during 2019, the festival will include daily swing dance lessons with some of the best teachers in the world, international competitions for different categories and ages, evening shows with a festive programme and live music from international bands, as well as a fun walk through the center of Plovdiv.

The roots of swing and Lindy Hop, as well as those of jazz, lie in U.S. Afro-American communities. During the years of brisk economic growth after the First World War, jazz music and vigorous social dancing acquired huge popularity in the USA, with Lindy Hop being the most popular style. It started among self-taught masters from Harlem such as Frankie Manning and 'Shorty' George Snowden, who is credited with coining the name. When asked by a reporter about the magic of his legwork, Shorty likened the air acrobatics with the 1927 trans-Atlantic flight (hop) of the aviator Charles Lindbergh.

The festival is made possible by Lindy Hop Bulgaria. You can find further information: loveswing.bgbalkanlhc.comLoveSwingDanceFestival, as well as at



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