The LEGACY projects for the second half of 2021 and 2022

The queen of the Korean underground scene is coming to Bulgaria for the first time

The impressive show DRAGONS by EUN-ME AHN (SOUTH KOREA) will be presented on June 3 by ONE DANCE WEEK.

Reunion 2 with an official premiere on 14th February 2022

Annual newsletter - 2021

Maina town N3 is ready

Open Art Files - Topics, people, places in 2020/2021

КОПРИНА - премиерата на Драматичен театър Пловдив - програма Наследство

One Dance Week със специален фестивален пас за първото пролетно издание на фестивала - 2022

Kapana Creative District is with 606 active locations on 55 decares

179 Creative Industries

The fist lecture of the Dialogue Projects is already available online

Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Prof. Asen Diamandiev Plovdiv invites you on a special jounery

Mercyful Fate are the headliners of day two - Hills of Rock 2022


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General partners

EU Japan Fest

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