Educational seminar in Stolipinovo organized by “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation

On 11th and 12th September, teachers from the primary school “Kiril Nektariev”, secondary school “Naiden Gerov” and kinder garden “Lilia” will participate in a seminar on “Methods of training and work in a multicultural environment – world practices”. The seminar is led by specialists and anthropologists – partners of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation.

The training is part of the project “Together for better еducation and health”, funded by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program under the Program for promoting the social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups.

The main objective of the seminar is to aquire good practices in the integration of children from different cultural backgrounds. Anthropologists will present their experience of their long-term research in Stolipinovo, which started last year with the support of “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation as part of the leading project “Mahala” in the program of European Capital of Culture. The team of specialists was also involved in this project mapping the health status of the community and has so far processed more than 400 polls. A final report is due by the end of September.

The practical part of the training will be realized by the coordinators of the Children’s architectural workshop, who will show examples of critical thinking and interaction with the environment.

In the next stages of the project there will be trainings for Bulgarian language teachers, drawing, sports events and educational mediators for working in a multicultural environment.

The project “Together for better education and health” amounts  BGN 1 077 495 and aims to achieve the educational and health integration of Roma and other vulnerable groups living in the territory of Stolipinovo in Plovdiv and also in Kuklen. The project includes several components: infrastructure, education and healthcare. The project’s activities also include the construction of the Health Center at the Diagnostic consultation center “East” and the building of an Educational Center in the yard of the schools “Naiden Gerov” and “Kiril Nektariev” in Stolipinovo.

Leading organization of the project “Together for better education and health” is the Municipality of Plovdiv, which provides co-financing amounting  BGN 43 633. The partners are Foundation  “Plovdiv 2019”, the Kuklen Municipality, the Indi – Roma Foundation, Diagnostic consultation center “East”, “Naiden Gerov” secondary school, the primary school “Kiril Nektariev”, kinder garden “Lilia” and the National network of health mediators.

It is planned that the project activities will be completed by the end of April 2019.

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