Events in Kapana District till the end of April

Till the end of April Kapana is… Faces – fresh, creative, conscientious, caring, еntertaining… Fireter with the project  “Faces / Faces / Caras“, enliven the streets of the District with decorations of cloth, interactive installations and performances. Come to meet the actors on stilts on 20th of April and learn from them interesting data for the neighbourhood. The first free lecture-presentation of the project “Urban composting” on the Cultural Foundation “Dirya”, supported in the competition of “Plovdiv 2019”, is devoted to the possibility of garbage to create a resource and is scheduled for April 22 – the International Earth Day. On it you will have the opportunity to meet with two variants for home composting.. The month will end with an outdoor workshop “The world from above – Kapana as a carpet”, which will transform the scene “The Hub” in a real carpet workshop and will present an ancient Bulgarian craft included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. Kapana continues to provoke the artist in everyone also with workshops for candles carving, for all our events and initiatives in Kapana follow the website and our Facebook page

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