“Plovdiv 2019” provides the opportunity to include a volunteer in a two-month project in Matera, Italy

“SVEdamare” is a project of the Italian Association Basilicata Link, to which the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation is a partner and offers a candidate for work in the team of the International Short Film Youth Cinemadamare Film Festival.

The internship will take place between 30 June – 26 August, 2017 in Matera and Basilicata, Italy. The project is for mobility and is for Erasmus +, the European Voluntary Service, with a duration of 58 days (excluding travel days) from 30 June to 26 August 2017, with the project activities Will be held mainly in Matera.

The volunteer will assist in the work of the directors, welcome guests, help in organizing events, participate in the organization of small events promoting the Erasmus + program and will support the overall work of the festival organizers.

The working language during work is English, and the use of other foreign languages ​​is an advantage.

The project provides travel, accommodation, daily and meals.

Requirements for the applicant:

Age: between 18 and 26 years old

Field of interest: cinema

Foreign language skills: English,

Professional, educational and social environment: Candidates who, at the time of applying, are not learners and workers and are in a disadvantaged social environment.

Project description:

The SVEdamare project, submitted by Associazione Culturale Basilicata Link, based in Matera, southern Italy, will include the participation of 4 volunteers from the following organizations: La Vibria Intercultural (ESP), Plovdiv 2019 (BG), RADI VIDI PATS (Latv), Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (Kip).

During the first two weeks, the participants will be trained in the project and will be held in Matera. From week 3 to week 6, the project activities will take place in the cities of Maratea, New Syria and Guardia Pertica, where volunteers will follow the CinemadaMare film festival.

Promotional Video of the 2017 Festival – Https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=ZSQlC9xIYq4

Contact person: Franz Kadri – Volunteer & Regional Coordinator, Plovdiv 2019″

E-mail: franz.kadiri@plovdiv2019.eu, tel .: 0877 842 434

Deadlines for submitting picture,  CV and a Cover Letter in English: 10.06.2017

Deadline for declaring the selected candidate: 16.06.2017

The approved candidate will be selected after a Skype interview with the organizers from Basilicata Link at the Plovdiv 2019 office.

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