“The Power of Fate” by Verdi at the Antique Theater in Plovdiv

State opera Plovdiv presents Stefano Poda’s production in collaboration with Teatro Regio di Parma. The audience of Plovdiv’s amphitheatre will get the unique chance of seeing one of the most spectacular performances from the last years in Italy on July 15th ( Saturday ). Endowment “Teatro Regio di Parma” – Festival Verdi together with State opera Plovdiv will present the multinational production “The Power of Fate” by Verdi.
The spectacle is issued in Blu-Ray by Unitel Classica for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the genious composer and withought doubt will be one of the main opera events in Bulgaria for the year. The impressive vision is adapted for the anciet roman stage by the amazing director, artist and choreographer Stefano Poda. He is the creator of over 100 opera productions with acts in Strasbourg, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv and Seoul. Typical for his style, Stefano Poda does not present the audience with a retro opera, with action developing in Italy or Spain during the 18th centuty, but he offers an emotional journey throughout space and time, full with visual metaphors, calisthenics and lighting contrasts. As the artist of the production the Italian director provokes the audience’s imagination with the impressive decors and costumes, which can only be seen in the world’s best theatres. The adaptation process took considerable amounts of time and recources for the management of State opera Plovdiv, which is intent to show the newest trends in the world’s opera art during the Opera Open. In regards to his production Stefano says : “The audience in Plovdiv will see a spectacle that’s neither modern nor traditional, but is rather ancient and universal: so that the symbol can be offered to the viewer as an “optical” instrument with which we all end up seeing ourselves.” For more than a month the leading director works with Opera Plovdiv as the last week before the performance on July 15th will be full of 24-hour rehearsals. Conductor of the spectacle is Maestro Dian Chobanov who has gathered some of the most talanted and trending national performers. The central roles are : Tanya Ivanova, Ivailo Mihailov, Violeta Radomirska, Ventseslav Stefanov, Nikolai Bikov, Mihail Puliev, Evgenii Arabadzhiev and many more. Conductors of the chorus are Dragomir Iosifov and Konstantin Dobroikov, while the concertmaster of the orchestra is Micho Dimitrov.
Verdi’s work isn’t often played because of it’s complicated dramatic action and the challenge the soloists and the orchestra meet. The chor- master Dragomir Yosifov says about the production: “Miraculous rescuings, several pseudo- deaths, sudden appearances and discernings- all typical of the early Romanticism. Which doesn’t stop Verdi from creating a masterpiece that with the power of its musical inventivness and passion overcomes the flaws of the libretto.”
The rights for the performance are given to State Opera Plovdiv by Endowment “Teatro Regio di Parma” for the duration of Opera Open festival 2017, which means that audiences won’t be able to see Stefano Poda’s “The Force of Destiny” even during the following season!
Tickets for “The Force of Destiny” are sold at the pay checks in the opera, House of Culture, in Ticket Centre in front of Plovdiv Municipality and at eventim.bg . Opera Open is a part of Plovdiv – Europian Capital of Culture 2019

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