What is it to be a good neighbor? Plovdiv #together with Istanbul Biennial

Plovdiv becomes part of a global initiative of the Istanbul Biennial „What is it to be a good neighbour?“ along with a number of cities all over the world, thanks to the cooperation between Foundation Plovdiv 2019 and Goethe-Institute Bulgaria.

Plovdiv will stand next to cities like Manchester, Sidney, Havana, Delhi and many others and together will participate in a global initiative, named “What is it to be a good neighbor?”, part of the Istanbul biennial and led by the curators Elmgreen & Dragset, the graphic designer Rupert Smith and the artist Lucas Wiseman. In Plovdiv will be shown billboards with provocative questions about what exactly means to be a “good neighbors” and they will be situated at different locations until the end of September.

The Istanbul biennial is one of the biggest and prestigious contemporary art event in the world and it will be held between 16 September and 12 October 2017. The curators of the 15th edition are an artistic duo from Scandinavia -Mihael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset – they work together from 1995 in the sphere of the performance, installation, sculpture and theatre and this year they will be the main curators of one of the most valuable worldwide biennial for contemporary art. As an edition theme they have chosen the provocative and especially current phrase: “Good neighbor”. With this topic the biennial tries to identify how the way of life in our private spaces has changed over the last decades. The main focus of that huge international event are: the home as part of our identity and as a way of self-expression; the quarter as our micro-universe and the big challenges of co-existence today.

With the same topic the curators Elmgreen and Dragset, the graphic designer Rupert Smith and the artist Lucas Wiseman initiated a major international billboard campaign to attract the attention of the whole world to this matter, to be one really engaged and empathetic good neighbor. The cultural institutions and organizations from Manchester to Sydney, from Havana to Delhi display at public spaces carefully selected photographs by Wiseman which captured the most unexpected encounters of neighbourhood interactions.

With its moto “Together”, the programme of Plovdiv – European capital of culture also explores the difficulties and the delight of co-existence and for that reason there is a crossing point with the main topic of the Istanbul biennial this year. Precisely the relation between the two conceptions and idea seeking between the both neighbor cities as well as the mission of Goethe-Institute for helping cultural exchanges and dialogue, have become a gratifying occasion for cooperation.

During the next three months in Plovdiv on two big crossroads will be shown the six billboards from the Istanbul project. These artistic provocations with its compulsive question “What is it to be a good neighbor?” will break the routine of the usual advertising visions and will bring here a part of the experience and the atmosphere of this exciting artistic forum.

In Plovdiv the billboards of the project will be able to be seen at different central locations in the city until the end of September:

The project is implemented by the invitation of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, organizer of the Istanbul Biennial and Goethe Institute – Istanbul in cooperation with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019 and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.

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