For ten days Andrew Kim will share his knowledge with Bulgarian artists in a master class of puppetry and organisation of street parades (17 - 24 January 2019). 

From today the space in SKLAD will become a workshop and will host a master class in puppetry and how to create giant street parade dolls. It will be led by the British artist from Korean descend, Andrew Kim. He is Plovdiv to share his knowledge in puppetry and how to organise large scale parades and marches. The master class is part of the preparation for the Ayliak Parade. This year the parade will pass through the Main Street in town, on the 4th of May. The event is in collaboration with Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture for 2019. In a time frame of ten days, Andrew Kim and 13 theatrical and visual artists from Bulgaria, will create the dolls that will be used for the parade.

After the success of the first parade at the end of last year, the organisers  now are looking to include more acts in the parade, such as spots clubs, libraries and other organisations. They idea is that they will have to create their own dolls and participate in the big parade in May.

‘Ayliak Parade’ is created by ‘FIRE theatre-arts-culture’ Foundation with the support of ‘HANDMADE PARADE’, from Great Britain; STALKER TEATRO (Italy); NL ‘Revival 1983’ Plovdiv; NL ‘Youth 1983’ Plovdiv; NL ’P.R. Slaveiikov 1908’ Plovdiv; NL ‘Nazim Hikmet 1922’ Plovdiv; NL ‘N.Vapcarov 1928’ Plovdiv; RSS ‘Olga Skobeleva’ , just to name a few.            

For Andrew Kim:

Master in puppetry, giant carnival dolls, director and expert in parade and festival organisation in the open. Born in Korea, raised in the US, Andrew begins his career in the well-known ‘In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’ in Minnesota, USA. He has worked with ‘Bread and Puppet Theatre’; ‘San Francisco Mime Troupe’; ‘Thalias Theatre, Denmark’; ‘Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Manchester’. In 2006 he decided to settle down in England. Andrew is the creator and in the last 10 years he has been the artistic director of the HANDMADE PARADE. He hosts workshops, master classes and lectures in England, USA, Korea, Czech Republic, Denmark and many more places around the world.



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