The Mayor of Plovdiv presented certificates to the volunteers of Plovdiv 2019

The foundation's volunteers are launching a mascot campaign for 2019

The Mayor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Eng. Ivan Totev, together with the Executive Director Kiril Velchev, presented 460 certificates of merit to the volunteers who took part in the opening of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

The meeting was also attended by the Ombudsman of Plovdiv Borislav Stamatov, who is also
part of the large family of volunteers of Plovdiv 2019.

'A big thank you` to everyone who participated and will continue to be with us during this special year for Plovdiv. The support you provide is the greatest appreciation. You are amazing people who work for free and take their time to make Plovdiv a better place,' the mayor stressed.

The mayor expressed confidence that with the help of volunteers, 2019 will be a successful and
memorable year for Plovdiv. Before the presentation, Kiril Velchev announced the start of a campaign for a mascot for the volunteers of Plovdiv. The ideas for it are collected by them in a special box and will be announced by the end of February.

Another 50 community centers from Plovdiv and the region received certificates of appreciation,
as well as representatives of various organizations and schools in the city under the hills. The ten
coordinators of the volunteers who took the stage for the opening ceremony on January 12 were
also honored.

During the Opening Weekend, the volunteers were actively involved in various areas - distribution of promotional materials, photo and video shooting, welcoming guests, translations
and backstage activities for the show 'We are all colors'

Throughout the year, volunteers will actively participate in the preparation of events from the
programme of Plovdiv 2019. To become a volunteer, sign up HERE.



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