Psychological theatre based on popular tales, and individual interpretation of cultural heritage in a contemporary context – are the high points of ‘The Tale Inside Me.’

In a series of theatre tale workshops on 9 and 16 February 2019 in U P.A.R.K. Gallery (for everyone, suitable for children, with free entrance) the participants become actors and make their own decisions as to which role to take and when in the course of the plot’s development to enter the action. Information and details for participation on Facebook HERE.

After the series of workshops in February 2019, from April 21st to 24th, 2019 will be the performance based on Charles Perrault's classical tale "Hop-o'-My-Thumb" in Ancient Bath (starting at 19:00).

Rerolling. The Tale - Me (21 – 24 April 2019)

The show changes the dramaturgy of the fairy tale. The action is taking place in two parallel levels - fabulous and contemporary. A hero of modern times is leading the viewer and himself into his world and into the familiar fairy tale and discovers that all the characters, places and events of the fairy tale are in fact part of his own personality. Director is Konstanza Konstantin who works with a fairy tales consultant and a therapist of the theater workshops - Krasimira Kircheva. Lyudmila Saneva - dramaturgy and costumes by Marina Dodova. Stage designer is Apostol Kirchev. With the participation of Mihail Milchev, Daria Mitusheva, Nikolay Raychev, Viktor Teofilov and Stanka Racheva.

The entrance is paid! Only on 21 April - free entry!

Project of ''22:22'' EOOD.



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