The application will lead to the events for the European Capital of Culture 2019

Volunteer has created a completely free cultural map of Plovdiv, which once downloaded, it can also work offline. The app is called ‘’Together’’ , as the city’s slogan for the European Capital of Culture 2019 and will be uploaded to the largest stores - Google Play, for devices with operating system Android and App Store for Apple devices. It represents a map of the city on which all of the cultural sights are marked, as well as the events location,  part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. Once the location is found, a new page is opened, where you can find photos and information about the location and as well as on the events. The map is also used for navigation and soon options for ratings and comments will be added. 
           The idea for the application ,,Together’’ belongs to the 23-years old Lyuben Branzalov, who is a scholar at two of the global giants in the IT sphere - ‘’Google’’ and ‘’Facebook’’. He is part of ‘’Grow with Google’’ and ‘’Facebook Al’’, from the ,,Udacity’’ online learning platform, aimed at ‘’Web Applications and Artificial Intelligence’’. Branzalov contacted the volunteers of Plovdiv 2019 to create a team of photographers, programmers and content authors. With their help, all of the information in the app is original - both text and photos.  Plovdiv 2019 Foundation is assisting Branzalov throughout the whole time. The work on the application is still ongoing - the team aims to continue to improve the user interface.
        „Plovdiv didn’t have such a map. With its help, it is much easier for a person to orientate and to go to an event or to explore the cultural landmarks. No matter where the user is, even if there is no Internet, the app is active. We have decided to continue this project even after 2019, so that anyone who hasn’t yet visited Plovdiv can learn a bit more about the city and the events happening in it’’ , says Lyuben Branzalov. He is an alumni of ‘’Paisii Hilendarsky’’ University in Plovdiv with a technological profile, ‘’Informatics and Mathematics’’. For 3 years, he graduated from University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a Higher Education Certificate.



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