Rising Indonesian choreographer Rianto joins the programme of ONE DANCE WEEK 2019. Known for his impressive dance vocabulary merging contemporary and traditional techniques from Central Java, he will present his first solo show, MEDIUM, in Plovdiv.


Accompanied only by magical vocals and live percussion, Rianto will step onstage to embody a woman, a man, a bird. The show will take place in Boris Hristov House of Culture on the 22nd of September, at 19:00. Rianto is a rising dance star from Indonesia and the island of Java, a land rich in mysteries and identities.

A specialist in Lengger, an erotic cross-gender dance from the Central Java, Rianto has collaborated successfully with artists such as renowned British choreographer Akram Khan and Choy Ka Fai’s project SoftMachine.

Rianto studies the body’s metamorphosis towards different dimensions – traditional, religious, social and political – and brings new life to a cultural legacy from the heart of Indonesia. Lengger was performed mainly by male dancers in feminine and masculine representations and in now combined with contemporary dance to call for freedom.

He creates and inhabits a space where binary opposites merge – a space between manhood and womanhood, between customs and religious principles, between conscious control and trance. It is a plea for freedom conveyed through expressive body language as vocals and live music plucked by exotic instruments are intensifying the impact of the show.

Facebook event HERE.

Choreographer: Rianto

Dramaturg: Garin Nugroho, Tang Fu Kuen

Scenography: Iskandar K. Loedin

Vocals And Percussion: Cahwat I

Sound Design: Yasuhiro Morinaga

Production Coordinator: Putri Pramesti Wigaringtyas

Producer: Jala Adolphus

Tickets are available online at a special price of BGN 15, valid until March 15, 2019 HERE.



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