Established Bulgarian applied arts artists pass on their knowledge and expertise to young people from various ethnic groups at the Nikola Vaptsarov Secondary School in Plovdiv.
During a series of workshops, the artists Diyana Naneva, Vessela Koteva, Darina Hristova, among others, will be showing children how to work with natural materials, make flat felt, draw images on canvas or craft handmade lamps.

Five workshops will take place on five consecutive weekends from February to March 2019, during which the artists and the children will be applying specific techniques to create various objects. The children's works will then be displayed at a charity sale (30 March 2019, Trakart Centre). The proceeds will then be donated to the school. A special catalogue will be published, featuring an overview of the event, photos of the children and the result of their work.

The project is a production of the Metaart Foundation.



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