The workshop is part of the preparations for the AILYAK PARADE on the 4 of May 2019. The performance that the participants will create within the workshop will be part of the parade.

When: 10 – 12 April 2019, 17:00 – 21:00 (changes are possible, please stay tuned here)
Where: SKLAD (16 Ekzarh Yosif Str.)
Presenters: Stefano Bosco (director) , Dario Prazzoli, Gabriele Buccacini - STALKER TEATRO, Italy

Performance during the Ailyak parade – 4-th of May 2019 (Saturday)
Number of participants: up to 40
Participants profile: people in all professions (not necessarily having an acting experience) aged 16 - 60, who love team work and collective creativity and are able and willing to get involved fully in both the workshop and the general rehearsals and the AILYAK PARADE itself. Not suitable for children.
To apply: Please fill out the following online form in Bulgarian HERE or in English HERE.
The event in Facebook HERE.

About the workshop:
Participants will be actively involved in the collective creative process led by Italian artists. The focus within the workshop will be on experimenting with the communicative potential of contemporary art languages. The end result will be an original interactive artistic performance, which will allow those attending the event (AILYAK PARADE), in a gentle and natural way, to turn from passive observers to direct participants.
The performance, created within the framework of the workshop and carried out as part of the AILYAK PARADE on May 4, will be based on working with a large number of wooden sticks (3 m high), painted in different colors and driven by the 40 participants, so to form different "shapes and stars". At the end of the parade they will form - with the help of viewers - a colorful space installation that transforms the square around the fountain into an art zone, a place for immediate contact with art and fun for everyone. Once the "job" is done, everybody will be able to explore the installation, crawling underneath it, jumping between the sticks or skipping over them ...

The artistic core of the Italian theater company Stalker Teatro has been working together since 1975. The company is characterized by a strong dedication and interest in the artistic experiment in conditions of socially sensitive or challenging situations. In the late 1970s, the founders of the company helped create the first professional youth theater company in the city. In the 1990s, the team developed important projects with Michelangelo Pistoleto, presenting them in Italy and Europe at various festivals in theaters, universities and museums of contemporary art. Since 2002, in cooperation with Turin and the Piedmont Region, has created the Caos creative workshop for performing arts and contemporary art. After 2010, individual productions of the company have been presented at many different venues and international festivals in Europe and beyond: Spain, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland, Israel , Lithuania, Russia, South Korea.

Project of FIRE theatre-art-culture Foundation in partnership with HANDMADE PARADE, United Kingdom; STALKER TEATRO, Italy; Plovdiv-based community centres „Vazrazhdane – 1983“, „Mladost – 1983“, „P.R. Slaveykov– 1908“, „Nâzım Hikmet – 1922“ and „N. Vaptsarov – 1928“.



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