"Untold Told - Travelling Stage" is a two-year multidisciplinary project which explores violence in society. The project’s idea originated in the University Theatre of the New Bulgarian University and its realisation is led by the associate professor Vazkresiya Viharova.

The project includes the staging of "Untold Told" performances, worked out as documentary theatre, as well as a series of trainings, interactive sessions, urban space installations, discussions and therapeutic modules. The activities are aimed at various groups and communities and their violence-related issues, stimulating the groups' own involvement in creating alternative solutions.

Programme 9-13 April 2019:

  • 9 April
    UNTOLD TOLD - documentary fiction
    A performance that gave the name to the project
    In the struggle for nonviolence against women
    Director: Vazkresiya Viharova
    Starring: Dobriela Popova, Diana Spassova, Yana Grozdanova, Rositsa Gevrenova and Vazkresiya Viharova
    Live camera operator: Lucy Uzunova
    With the special participation of Ovanes Torosyan. Online tickets HERE.
  • 10 April
    24-hour marathon Forum Theatre in SKLAD (from 11:00, 15:00 and 21:00) led by Yanko Velkov. Free entry.
    Topic: Nonviolence in schools - "If you stop beating me, I could help you do your homework"
  • 12 April (start – 19:00 and 21:00), 13 April (start – 19:00)

Your Story (You) in Me (premiere)

Premiere in Ancient Bath Center of a performance based on stories shared with the team of the project by the young people of Plovdiv.
With the help of the students and teaching staff of the National High School of Stage and Film Design, the Yordan Yovkov, Exarch Antim I and Vassil Levski primary schools; the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Secondary School; the Kiril Popov High School of Mathematics; the Drama Theatre Acting faculty with the University of Plovdiv; as well as Mrs Ozden Muradova (chief expert for education at the Plovdiv Municipality).

Genre: Documentary Fiction & Dance Battle. Online tickets HERE.

  • 13 April 2019 , starting at 22.00
    Final Drum & Bass party for students, parents and teachers /all school psychologists are invited/. Line Up: OGONEK feat. ANGIE (Drum & Bass, HMSU, Metafiziq). At the Ancient Bath, online tickets HERE.

Follow the events for "Untold Told - Travelling Stage" from 9 until 13 October 2019.

The "Untold Told" performance, which took place on 30 April 2018 in the Zoom Zone of Plovdiv Drama Theatre as part of the project’s events, is a work by the associate professor Vazkresiya Viharova (director), Prof. Dessislava Boshnakova from the New Bulgarian University, and the actresses Diana Spasova, Dobriela Popova, Rositsa Gevrenova and Yana Grozdanova. The actor Alexey Kozhuharov appeared as a special guest.

In "Untold Told", what we normally think of as dramatic text is replaced by documentary materials - among them, interviews, eyewitness accounts and court records. The stories three women share with the director, Vazkresiya Viharova, were selected for the performance. The heroines’ prototypes are of different ages, occupy different positions and have different social statuses. They are united by their silence and the possibility of divulging what’s behind it in public. The mechanism of violence is examined through the actual stories: the situations in which it manifests itself, the issues it causes and the victims it produces.

Find more information about the University Theatre of the New Bulgarian University at theatredepartment.nbu.bg/bg.



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