The Small Theatre from the End of the World is a laboratory for contemporary puppet theatre of the Theatre de la Massue – companie Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu.

The Small Theatre from the End of the World… Opus II takes the spectator on a meander trough corridors towards a small black box. He - then sits down on a tiny chair. There, he attends a hypnotizing performance alone:  the smallest theater in the world that tells the shortest and the greatest history of the world. In three  movements, the puppet shows you  all the life of humanity: its birth, -its life and its disappearance in the bosom of the universe. Everything happens as in a dream. This miniature seems to speak and transmit a message from the depths of the ages and seems to act in the depths of the mind of the spectator,  where all these questions are based. When each one has received his share of representation,  it will belong to him, before leaving, to transform his individual impressions into collective memory.

The performances of the French artists in 2019 are three: Moon (15 and 16 April), The Scriptographer (17 and 18 April), and The Small Theatre from the End of the World...Opus II (10 - 14 December).

Moon (15 and 16 April 2019)

The puppet theatre performance "Moon" will take place at the A'part Theatre (3 Saedinenie Square) on 15 and 16 April 2019. There are two performances per day, start: 19:00 and 20:30. Ticket: 8 BGN. Director, sets and puppets: Ezéquiel Garcia-Romeu. Stage architecture: Yves Guérut.

"Moon" sits between the fantastical and the symbolic, a brief caprice in the manner of Goya. It is a short sequence inhabited by unconceivable creatures. An allegory in which both protagonists and marionettes form an mysterious reflection of our minds. The moon is watching over its creatures. Often, under the shelter of our homes and far from nature, we forget that clay monsters rise up to torment our consciousness. Who oversees them, who leads them? Who rules over them? Is it the Moon? This is what we'll be trying to work out in the fogged meanderings of this amusing theatre.

The puppet theatre 'The Scriptographer' will be held on 17 and 18 April 2019, in the hall of the A'part Theatre (3 Saedinenie Square). Start: 19:30. Entrance: 10 BGN.

Idea, design, sets and direction: Ezéquiel Garcia-Romeu. The audience is both witness and participant in this "performance," which reinvents itself eternally.

The 'Scriptographer' is an atelier-spectacle for writing through the visual. On the table, we will find a roll of paper from China or Arabia or other exotic and distant countries. Driven by creative magic, the roll will present us a subterranean world from which a manipulator crawls to place traps in the middle of the table. The authors and playwrights will build on their writings inspired by the Hades motif. What will be the end of all this? First, a glass of wine for these masters of signs, and then - we will hear each text of each of them, because the language of the writers works to decode.

A workshop will take place on April 16, 17, 18, at 10:00, in the building of A`part Theater.

In this workshop for a contemporary puppet theater as part of the events at the "Small Theater at the End of the World ... Opus II" you will discover how the art of the modern puppet has a character whose life is established as a universal essence. Aesthetics related to the work of Théâtre de la Massue - Cie Ezequiel Garcia Romeu, engages the performer in the presence of deep listening, his gestures, his body and his mind.

Participants quickly decode this aesthetics, first through technical ideas of construction, then with the introduction and manipulation of puppets specially adapted to the subject.

Free entry. Suitable for: professionals and those interested in puppet theatre. Working language: French, translated into Bulgarian. The event in Facebook here.

For pre-registration:
Diana Ivanova
00359 884 753 541

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