European Short Pitch 2019 (ESP) is an international training forum focusing on short films.

The forum allows talented young European artists to submit their short film projects by introducing them to the entire film production process starting with the stage of writing a script.

Within the13th edition of the ESP in Sofia and in Plovdiv there are workshops and master classes, organized and led by wellestablished European scriptwriters, directors and producers (Wim Vanacker, Jerôme Nunes, Pierre Hodgson, Britta Krause, Nadja Dumouchel, and Leonardo Stagliano).

In addition, there are discussions and screenings of short films produced by the European network ‘NISI MASA’. The previous 2007 editions of the forum have featured over 260 short film projects, 97 of which have been filmed and have had a successful international appearance.

The project is implemented by the ‘Arte Urbana Collectif’ Association together with the European network ‘NISI MASA’



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