The Hello Health Festival will begin its tenth edition this weekend in Plovdiv (19 - 21 April 2019). It will also be broadcast live

In Plovdiv, the Hello Health Festival opens with a rich programme, befitting of the anniversary tenth edition. There are about 150 events in 11 locations during the two weekend days happening at the same time and with open doors for all visitors. Lectures and practices cover topics related to new medicine, Tibetan medicine, awareness and self-knowledge, traditions and creativity, family and children, and many others, aimed at health prophylaxis and environmentally friendly living. Events are also planned dealing with treating diseases such as diabetes, diseases of the locomotory system, eyes, psycho-emotional state, etc.

The lecturers are representatives of different layers of society - from practitioners-holists, doctors, teachers, scholars, Orthodox priests and businessmen, including lecturers from abroad. The program is varied and accessible in its range of care for a healthy and environmentally friendly life as well as body and spirit care, and also provides a significant number of sporting and exercise events indoors and outdoors in the City Garden, such as cross, yoga, dancing, roller, ballet, paneurhythmy. For little visitors there are workshops for play and creative activities that can include parents. All this is supplemented with an exhibition of healthy products and services with participation on the Farm Market in front of the building and on the inside, as well as on the roof.


In 2019, the festival will take place on 20 and 21 April (opening on April 19, with a procession, at 17:30).

The festival opens on Friday, April 19, at Dzhumaya, at 17:30 with a celebration ceremony on the Main street by cheerleaders ages 70 to 85 from the sports club "White Roses" Kazanlak, winner of national festivals, a living proof of the power of the spirit that has the potential for a healthy and long life.


The Hello Health Festival is held at the House of Science and Technology on 1, Gladstone Str., On Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, from 10 am to 6 pm with free admission.

Detailed programme HERE (in Bulgarian only.)

Saturday, the lectures in the big cinema hall will be shown live on the Youtube channel of the Hello Health Festival as well as on the Facebook page: Hello Health Festival Plovdiv.



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