At the point of interest for the next project of the platform for contemporary urban art Visionary becomes Smirnenski District, Plovdiv. Conquered by Smirnenski's poetry, artists who are creators in the sphere of calligraphy, modern fresco, 3D mapping and perfomance will fill the heart of the eponymous neighborhood with color, light and beauty, sharing a common canvas.

"With chained wings, the earth is giving birth to us, bonded with sorrow and weekdays, but the eternal thirst for space, beauty, heights is burning in our soul. "

Totally up to date today, Smirnenski's poem differs greatly from his other work. The authors of the artistic project say that it is this that provoked them to embody the work of his idea, thus linking even more the new object of art with the neighborhood. On the other hand, the message behind the entire creative team resonates with the words written by the poet in 1922 and is valid for the modern man.

April 22-25 | artistic intervention
April 25, 20:00 multigenre spectacle
Creative team: Tse (fresco)
JahOne (fresco) (3D mapping) Darba (performance)

Living Wall is а part of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture program and includes a long-lasting artistic intervention on a wall in the public space that will literally live in front of the viewers on April 25 with a multi-man spectacle complementary to the artistic conception of the fresco. A leading motif is the creation of free-access art close to people that provokes imagination, awakens senses and consciousness.

VISIONARY develops projects in urban environments and presents contemporary conceptual artists. Close to the artists directly associated with the stage, the organization is the ideal mediator between the artists and the audience, conveying works and presenting them in an accessible way. With the realization of different events, many artists have the opportunity to develop author's ideas in the form of artistic urban interventions.

The main goal of the team is the transformation of known gray buildings into art objects and their transformation into new free cultural and tourist destinations. And the goal is for more and more Bulgarian cities to be turned into open galleries, laying the foundations for the development and popularization of modern visual culture.



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