This special second edition of the Ayliak Parade is the most colorful and happy parade on the streets of the city. Our partners are from HANDMADE PARADE – UK, and STALKER TEATRO – Italy, who contribute to the magic of the event by including the experiences and emotions of their cities, where colorful parades are the most popular city events. The different sections of the parade depict, in a metaphorical way, the most common ways in which the people of Plovdiv themselves understand the concept of ‘ayliak’: as freedom from the daily routines and indulging in their favorite activities; public demonstrations of status, chatting, lack of care; freedom of the Spirit, and wonderful timelessness.

Hundreds of participants are expected to parade with specially designed, by or for them, parade costumes and masks. They accompany and animate the giant parade puppets and installations, most of them made by hand especially for the parade from an international team of artists and craftspeople – professionals and amateurs. Representatives of the local cultural institutes  (Chitalishe), clubs of interest, sports clubs, schools and organizations, and everyone who has recognized the Ayliak Parade as a worthy community celebration, are able to find their place in it, helping Plovdiv to receive an authentic and unique parade – an unforgettable, colorful and merry city-wide celebration created by the local people of Plovdiv and by the friends of Plovdiv for themselves and for guests of the town from far and wide.

The Ayliak Parade is a project of the FIRE theatre-art-culture Foundation in partnership with HANDMADE PARADE (UK); STALKER TEATRO (IT); and the Plovdiv-based community centres Vazrazhdane – 1983, Mladost – 1983, P. R. Slaveykov – 1908, Nâzım Hikmet – 1922, and Nikola Vaptsarov – 1928.



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