‘THE FURNACE – An International Experiment for Musical Bread’ mixes art interpretation and cuisine by tracing the interaction in the making of music and the baking of bread. The participants knead together and are tracing the impact music has on bread.

Special features are traditional bread recipes from across Bulgaria, which eek to popularize bread making, a cultural heritage specific for each nation.

Bulgarian and international artists take part in concerts, performances, exhibitions and break-making workshops. Participants are: Konstantin Kunchev (viola, guitar, vocal), Zhivko Bratanov (piano, violin), Ilko Birov (guitar), Ivan Alexiev (contrabass), Georgi Angelov (drums), Vayana O’Tasheva from KOPRIVA band, Petar Parmakov and Yoana Robova from the music band trohi, and Kaloyan Ivanov (musical performance.)

Open workshop for building a clay cob oven (3– 4 May 2019)

When: On 3 and 4 May.

Where: Youth Hill.

Start: at 11 am.

Donation entrance.

Anyone could join to help and learn how to do it. The event on Facebook HERE.

In this oven the participants will bake the musical bread over the two festival weekends (10-12 and 17-18 May, see programme below). It will be left for people in Plovdiv to use it.

Programme for the two festival weekends (10 - 12 May, 17 - 19 May 2019) at the Youth Hill:

  • 10 – 11 MAY
    18:00 – Bread Workshop
    19:00 – Musical Performances
  • 12 MAY
    11:00 – Bread Workshop for KIDS
  • 17 – 19 MAY
    18:00 – Bread Workshop
    19:00 – Musical Performances

Facebook event here.

The project is a Dirya Foundation production.



General partners

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