The project focuses on the use of natural materials and ‘green’ art as tools of integrating, through education and art, the Maritsa River and Adata Island into Plovdiv's daily life.

The programme's plan includes the creation, along the river, of places for rest and information signposts, all made from natural materials. The project will launch Adopting Adata, an initiative set on involving local schools and the establishment of a student stewardship of the Adata Island and newly built constructions.

Tthe main event of the project is on 11 May, at 10.00 am, on the river bank against Adata with a 5 June reserve date in unfavourable weather conditions.

Facebook event here.

An interactive, open educational seminar will show environmental monitoring methods adapted to the young participants' age and knowledge.. The seminar will be held in parallel with the workshop for construction with natural materials. Demonstration of the construction of a geodetic dome structure is foreseen.

The project is an Alfeus EOOD production.



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