On Letters - The Cyrillic alphabet in contemporary Bulgarian art

The exhibition presents the 30 letters of the Bulgarian alphabet as works of art, each created by a Plovdiv-based artist.

The 90 cm/90 cm pictures are created mostly in oil, tempera, acrylic paint and textile. As a result, each work has come out as a compelling, surprising and highly personal interpretation of the symbols forming the Bulgarian alphabet.

The proposition in which artists come up with their own versions of the symbols of the Cyrillic alphabet arose on the eve of Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, when the Cyrillic alphabet was about to become the third official alphabet in the EU, alongside the Latin and Greek alphabets.

Random procedure assigned each artist the letter he or she would be working on.

"On Letters" is a joint project of the Bulgarian Institute of Culture at Bratislava, the Plovdiv City Art Gallery and the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation. The show is an ambassador of the European Capital of Culture – Plovdiv 2019 and is organised under the patronage of Bulgaria's Ambassador to Slovakia, Yordanka Chobanova.

Official opening - 2 May 2019

Where: Bratislava, Slovakia, Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava.

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The Cyrillic letters are recreated by: 

А - Michaela Ivanova                             

Б - Stanimir Videv

В - Margarita Dzharova

Г - Biser Damyanov

Д - Veneta Marinova

Е - Emilia Arabadzhieva

Ж - Itsko Maznev

З - George Trak

И - Valeri Tsenov

Й - Matey Mateev

К - Angel Geshev

Л - Nedko Itinov

М - Georgi Shtarbev

Н - Nikola Pevicharov

О - Kolyo Karamfilov

П - Vasko Stoev

Р - Angel Vasilev

С - Rumen Zhekov

Т - Angel Kitipov

У - Valchan Petrov

Ф - Rumen Nechev

Х - Nikolay Nyagolov

Ц - Dimitar Kirchev

Ч - Vladimir Genadiev

Ш - Atanas Hranov

Щ - Neli Tsenova

Ъ - Nikolai Kuchkov

Ь - Angel Pachamanov

Ю - Lili Kichukova

Я - Dimitar Kelbechev



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