The project "In Adata" is a joint production between Body Graphics, Theatrе of Responsibility and Senselab. It combines a performance, seminars for contemporary dance and a series of internships that end with public events under the name "Mobile Jour Fixe".

The performance "In Adata" includes dance, theatrе and digital art, and will be staged on the Island of Adata "abandoned" without a real audience, but will be broadcast live in the city squares, cafes, and art centers in Plovdiv and in the cities of our international partners.
The programme began in early May with its first contemporary dance seminars. They were led by Barbara Földesi, director of the Body Graphics Association, who shared her rich experience from the specialized training and professional work in contemporary dance from her native Austria and abroad. The classes included various movement techniques and principles from contemporary dance, martial arts and somatic body work.

On May 21 and 22, from 7 pm to 9 pm, Barbara will continue to teach choreography from her own productions and will lead various improvisational practices that reveal approaches to movement, presence and creativity. The place is Studio Duende, Str. "Tsar Georgi Terter" 23, Plovdiv / BGN 10 / class or BGN 18/2 days)

The internship programme is designed to educate and create a work environment for professionals and people motivated to work in the field of contemporary art, in order to expand the artistic community. The focus is on the areas of choreography and performance, stage and lighting design, and sound design.

It starts in May with the choreographic internship, which will give a better understanding of the creative potentials of contemporary dance and performance. The five-day course will initially begin with a theoretical and conceptual study of dance, and then move on to methods for turning the concept into a physical action. What can be played? What does it mean to implement a concept and remove it from identity to allow the work or material to speak for itself? During the process, the main goal is to suggest questions and find answers to what the dance can perform besides movement. It will start daily with warm-ups, contemporary dance exercises and improvisation sessions as a tool and starting point for work. Finally, the materials created during the internship will be used for the show "In Adata", which includes interns in the creation of the show.

(21 - 25 May, 12:00-17:00 / The space • The space, 154 Maritsa Boulevard, 4000 Plovdiv /
FREE -> apply with your resume @:

The Mobile-Jour-Fixe programme, the public events part of the project, will start with its first meeting in May. It will give the participants in the internship programme the opportunity to present the results of the one-week courses, which will lead to a discussion about the status quo of the respective art discipline. After that, a public debate will be opened on the topic of the political and economic situation on the stage in Plovdiv. It will update events and news about the performing arts in the city and will serve as an open platform for introducing ideas, desires and needs to support and improve the stage and work environment for artists in Plovdiv.

Mobile Jour Fixe strives to bring together artists from different genres to contribute to the diversity of the genre and the equality of art forms in the city. It aims to give a stronger voice to the performing arts community, discuss their needs, concerns and ideas and improve communication between participants. Politicians, economists, artists and experts are welcome.
The focus of the programme will each time be a historically influential work of the performing arts and its influence and potential for political, social and artistic impact in the performing arts.
(May 30 / 20:00-open end / Box B, Abadjiyska 8 - 10, Plovdiv)

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